Morwen Daggerford

Duchess of Daggerford - A militant woman whom wants to make her city better.


Duchess of Daggerford and of a militant mind. Morwen is often seen training with the militia and paid regular visits to the shrine of Tempus. She was the Master at Arms of the duchy and the military commander of the castle but many believed her a better duke than her brother Maldryn Daggerford. In 1486 DR Maldryn gave up the mantle of Duke after suspending the practice of primogeniture in Daggerford, thereby allowing Morwen to assume the leadership role of Duchess.

Morwen never desired the mantle of leadership, having enjoyed her station as Master at Arms and finding her role in the city satisfying and very in keeping with her interests. As a ruler she bares the responsibility without complaint, but those closest to her know she would prefer to be on the battlefield. Her closest friend and current Master at Arms, Luc Sunbright, is still often working with Morwen in ongoing training sessions.

New to rulership, Morwen is already hailed around Daggerford in taking a more hands-on leadership and helping to curb some of the corruption within the guild factions of Daggerford and helping to put an end to some serious monopoly issues in town. She has also lead an endeavor to clear up and clean out some of the small organized crime bands within the town, most of which are offshoots of bigger factions based in Waterdeep.

Morwen Daggerford

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