Maldwyn Daggerford

Former Duke of Daggerford - Loves the finer things in life.


Former Duke of Daggerford. Until last year he ruled Daggerford as it’s duke. He enjoyed the luxuries of his role, focusing in being an expert in the finest food and wine. He had never had an adventure and considered it a too dangerous situation. He was often viewed with little regard by the guilds, and many matters happened in and around Daggerford without his permission, as he was often too involved in his latest pursuit of luxury to be bothered with the trivialities of ruling.

In 1485 DR, Maldwyn became infatuated by the courtesan Natyssa and took her as his lover. It turns out that Natyssa was actually a Succubus disguised as mortal, named Pencheska. Thanks to Pencheska the pit fiend Baazka managed to possess Maldwyn in order to kill some adventurers and usurp the duke’s throne but the adventurers defeated them, freeing the duke

Shortly after this endeavor, Maldwyn decided that he had been exposed to too much risk as the leader of Daggerford and suspended the practice of primogeniture in Daggerford. Thereby allowing his older and more capable sister Morwen to assume the mantle of Duchess of Daggerford. Since then Maldwyn has found much more enjoyment in living a lifestyle of luxury, without the risk of being a leader. However it’s said that he hasn’t been happy since the encounter with Natyssa, some of the enjoyment and luster he had in life extinguished when the lie that was his love was exposed.

Maldwyn Daggerford

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