Luc Sunbright

The Daggerford Master at Arms and de-facto leader of the Scabbard


Master at arms for the Duchess Morwen Daggerford. A childhood friend of the Daggerford siblings, Luc was always by their side. From a family who arrived in Daggerford seeking opportunity from Amn, they family established a small farm outside of town. Luc’s father and brothers all served in the Militia, and being of an age with Morwen and Maldwyn, when Luc also began training, he found the perfect sparring partners.

As they grew, Maldwyn turned away from the martial lifestyle, and eventually Luc and Maldwyn’s friendship deteriorated. However always being Morwen’s closest friend growing up it was no surprise when he was appointed the new Master at Arms when she ascended to Duchess. It was believed the two were lovers as they grew up, however this rumor was mostly dispelled when Luc married a local baker in town.

Luc’s responsibilities are largely related to the Scabbard, as he works with the militia to see to their training and further advancement. While the Scabbard is largely an independent group of volunteers who protect the trade roads, the assumed leader is Luc, even though he isn’t technically part of the Scabbard. Additionally, he sees to the training of the Daggerford city guard and the Duchess’ personal guard.

Luc Sunbright

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