Into the Mists

Prologue - A Lizard Infestation

Session 1

Prologue – A Lizard Infestation

Session 1


It was midmorning in Daggerford and the group had all received message from the Scabbard that it was the day they would be tested for acceptance as full members of the Scabbard militia. The messages all instructed the individuals to meet at the town gate at their earliest convenience and left information regarding the clearing of a suspected den of Lizardfolk who had attacked a cattle farmer as he brought cows into town to sell.


As the group met Lux Sunbright at the entrance to town and saddled up onto the horses he provided the details came. There had been an attack a few miles outside of town on the trade road, where it butted up against the Lizard Marsh. This was a common enough occurrence, but the severity and number reported was anything but. Luc also instructed the party that he would be there to observe, and only lend support if they were overmatched. This was a test for them, first and foremost.


The day progressed as the party journeyed, eventually coming upon the scene where the cow herd and caravan had been attacked. It was easily identified by the dried blood in the road. Tying the horses up the party entered into the marsh searching for the Lizardfolk. Their first encounter came as they found the location of a half submerged and torn apart caravan in the mud and water of a stagnant pond. Two Lizardfolk were rummaging through the remains as the party came upon them. (this was only after Gwendolyn had fallen into the mud a few times). The party easily dispatched one of the Lizardfolk, however one managed to escape and was thought to warn the others.


Following the trail after this encounter they eventually came to a clearing on some raised ground with a dozen reed and mud crudely built huts, with an impaled and half eaten cow laying in the middle of the clearing like a kebab. There were two lookouts here, whom the party tried to lure into a trap, but failed the ruse. They then attacked in force, killing one of the Lizardfolk while the second escaped.


They eventually followed the trail deeper into the marsh, finding a large mound of mud on a peninsula followed by deep, fetid water. In the center of the mound was a cave and tunnel, however when they arrived they were greeted by some Giant Lizards and Lizardfolk. In a battle that saw Gwendolyn drop twice, they eventually defeated the lizards, with one retreating into the tunnel.


They followed the enemies into the tunnel, with large puddles of water knee high in places within. The cavern looked like it was constantly needing to be reescavated as the mud continued to fold inward. They disarmed a net trap in a 3 way fork in the cavern, as a number of Lizardfolk jumped out to attack them. They dispatched the enemies using the narrow cavern to their advantage. Only to have ###### be nearly incinerated when activating a trap in the Lizardfolk Shaman’s quarters down one of the forks in the muddy cave.


While debating whether or not to continue the party tried to provoke whatever lay in the large cavern where they had heard some splashing, by throwing items and potions found within the shaman’s enclave. Eventually this started a large pitched battle that they narrowly won, eventually capturing the master of the lizard nest, a wyrmling black dragon.


Below are the EXP rewards for the session.
450 EXP: 1 Black Dragon Wyrmling
450 EXP: 1 Lizardfolk Shaman
200 EXP: 4 Giant Lizards
500 EXP: 10 Lizardfolk
50 EXP: 1 Net Trap (spotted and triggered)
100 EXP: Successfully completing mission and finishing storyline objective.
50 EXP: Bonus roleplay EXP. Wasn't much roleplay in this session, but there wasn't meant to be, either. That said, there were certainly some entertaining roleplay moments and I think it gives a good sense of characters going forward.
Group Total: 1800 EXP
Individual Total: 450 EXP
Everyone now has enough EXP to level up. Advance to level 2 before next session. If you prefer to roll for HP over taking the average, do so at the beginning of session.


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