Into the Mists

Chapter 4: To Vallaki

Chapter 4: To Vallaki

Session 8, 9


  • After leaving town the group was approached by a group of traveling Vistani. The party managed to talk their way out of an altercation that might have proven to be deadly
  • The party cut through the woods in an attempt to save some time and succeeded, although they had to traverse through a swamp and thought they might have been stalked by some creatures for part of the journey.
  • The group was attacked by a Revenant while on the trail, but managed to kill it. Knowing a little about Revenants, it may not be the last time this one attacks.
  • Crossed the bridge north, over Tser Falls.
  • Saw a gate on the road, with an intersection leading toward's Ravenloft Castle. At this gate was a corpse in the bushes with a note, seemingly inviting the Burgomaster to the castle with his family. The corpse was half buried in a bush. At night, a pack of wolves seemed to devour the corpse as the party camped nearby.
  • Off the main road the party found a windmill that was in disrepair but still in operation. Needing somewhere to camp the group approached, only to find a "cookie factory" where three night hags in disguise seemingly took abducted children, grinding the children up into their famous "dream cookies". The group recognized one of the women as the old woman from Barovia and attempted to attack the evil creatures. However they were quickly overmatched and fled. The hags seemed to let the party escape, and were overheard discussing whether or not to kill the party, for fear of retribution from Strahd if they took his toys away.
  • Camping instead in a small cliff side cave a mile down the road the group broke camp. However when Treller went hunting in the evening he was beset upon by a Wolf, who turned into a man and seemingly charmed Treller. After a rather tense conversation and the party having to physically bind and restrain Treller to keep him from communicating with the Vampire, the group hunkered down for a frustratingly sleepless night. In the morning a gift basket with a wine bottle was left for the group with a viscous red liquid inside.
  • Found a bunch of crazed mountain people preparing for an ambush at the base of the cliffs. Managed to scare a few off before abandoning the cart they were pulling, only to see the mountain people immediately swarm and scavenge off the cart as they abandoned it.
  • The party marched to Vallaki, reaching the gates at dusk. The town guards were very unhelpful at first, opposing the group entering the town for fear they had ill intentions. Eventually reason won the day and the party convinced the guards to let them in and escorted them to the Blue Water Inn
  • The party met Urwin Martikov and his wife Danika, the owners of the inn and rented rooms. The tavern filled up and the party learned a number of interesting things about the town while at the tavern. Through some conversation, a little spying with the help of invisibility, and some transparancy about their mission they uncovered the following: Urwin, Danika, their children and possibly the entire Martikov family are Wereravens. The family business for the Martikov's is in wine, and the wine shipment is late to the Blue Water Inn. The town is a bastion of hope against Strahd and quality of life is much higher here. The Burgomaster forces several festivals a month in the hopes of keeping the spirits and hopes of the townsfolk vibrant and alive, defending against the oppression of the land.
  • Szoldar Szoldarovich and his partner Yevgeni Krushkin are local hunters and trappers that are experts in the surrounding lands and do the hunting and foraging for the Blue Water Inn. They have offered guide services to the party when they are ready to leave town.
  • Nikolai and Karl Watcher became interested in the newcomers and began to try and start a drunken encounter. However a little piss-drink solved that.
  • A wanderer named Rictavio, a stranger to Ravenloft much like the party, regales the tavern with tales of a faraway land. He seems to be a carnival operator, stranded in Vallaki and torn from his homeland. He is talkative and inquisitive but doesn't reveal a lot. Krackle's paladin-sense tingled that he was a very good individual.


Below are the EXP rewards for the sessions.


1,500 EXP:  Defeated the encounter with the Vistani on the road without a blade lifted.

100 EXP: Successfully navigated a shortcut through a nasty bog.

1,800 EXP: Defeated the Revenant

1,500 EXP: Successfully escaped the hags at Old Bonegrinder windmill.

1,000 EXP: Got through the night in the cave and the encounter with the mysterious individual who bewitched Treller.

800 EXP: Made it through the encounter with the cliff-folk.

100 EXP: Convinced the guards to let the group into Vallaki at night.

2,800 EXP: Roleplay Bonus

Group Session Total: 9,600 EXP

Individual Session Total: 2,400 EXP


Lectos Total: 6,113 EXP (Level 4)

Krackle Total: 6,113 EXP (Level 4)

Hanif Total: 6,113 EXP (Level 4)

Treller Total: 6,113 EXP (Level 4) 


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