Into the Mists

Chapter 3: Barovia is lovely this time of year.

Chapter 3: Barovia is lovely this time of year.

Session 6 + 7


I'm changing the formatting of how I'm going to be displaying session details. Instead of writing an account of each session, I'll simply be posting the details of the session in these recaps. If any player wishes to establish a storied recount via a journal or simply internal perspective or a log of some kind, I'll reward bonus XP for the group to such accounts.

  • The party was given a room in the Blood of the Vine tavern after Krackle impressed the owners, simply by being a black birdman. During the night the group witnessed ghostly figures marching the streets, and would later discover that the ghostly apparitions appear every night. They were former adventurers over time, marching to their doom as they look to defeat Strahd. In their defeat their ghostly visages are eternally bound to repeat their folly for all eternity.
  • Dredged out a map and some information from the three Vistani sisters Alenka, Mirabel and Sorvia, who own the Blood of the Vine tavern.
  • Managed to magically compel Bildrath to sell goods far below what he would normally sell them to foreigners.
  • Listened to Mary's tale of her missing daughter, Gertruda. She believes her daughter went out to seek the toymaker of Vallaki, who made her favorite doll. A very unnerving thing that's eyes seemed to follow people.
  • After finding out Strahd had bitten Ireena Koylana twice, and been harassing her family in a seeming attempt to get access to her, the group has agreed to escort her to Vallaki in hopes of finding her safe sanctuary away from Strahd. She is a rare beauty in such a depressed landscape, an adopted daughter of the now deceased Burgomaster of Barovia. Her brother Ismark arranged the agreement and will be staying behind to try and convince Strahd his sister is still in-town to give the group a head start.
  • Arranged the burial of the Burgomaster and witnessed Rahadin, a dusk elf and seemingly Strahd's right hand man, tell Ismark that he was expected to lead the town as the new Burgomaster with the unfortunate passing of his father's death.
  • Witnessed an old woman with a cart full of cookies attempt to abduct a child. The party jumped in and prevented the kidnapping as well as admonished the parents for letting such a thing happen.


Below are the EXP rewards for the sessions.


200 EXP: Bonus roleplay for prying information from the Alenka, Mirabel and Sorvia (Vistani owners) at Blood of the Vine tavern by playing into their superstitions of ravens.

500 EXP: Bonus roleplay for uncovering the going-ons with Ismark and Ireena and accepting their help in getting her out of town.

200 EXP: Bonus roleplay for organizing the details of leaving Barovia, including securing needed equipment from Bildrath's Mercantile and the burial of the Burgomaster at the insistence of Ireena.

100 EXP: Viewed the March of the Dead

250 EXP: Stopped the kidnapping of a child by an old woman selling cookies.

50 EXP: Listened to Mary's tale of misfortune, that she believes her daughter has ran off toward Vallaki to seek out a toymaker

2,700 EXP: Roleplay Bonus

Group Session Total: 4,000 EXP

Individual Session Total: 1,000 EXP


Lectos Total: 3,713 EXP (Level 4)

Krackle Total: 3,713 EXP (Level 4)

Hanif Total: 3,713 EXP (Level 4)

Treller Total: 3,713 EXP (Level 4) 


ChaosShifter ChaosShifter

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