Into the Mists

Chapter 1: Dragons and Gypsies!

Chapter 1: Dragons and Gypsies!

Session 2


<meta />Coming off the heels of a pitched battle with a cavern full of Lizardfolk and a wyrmling black dragon, the party mustered their energy and cleared out the cavern. Coming away with the beginnings of a dragon horde, some vile looking potions, and a unconscious baby dragon, they counted themselves victorious. However the logistics of exactly what would be done with the dragon was of some large debate.


Eventually the group decided to split up, with Luc and Lectos going back into town and the rest of the group camping out and keeping the dragon on guard. This was mostly successful, although it led to a restless night for those who stayed behind as the dragon attempted to free itself from it’s bonds, although it did not attempt escape. Back in town Luc was to procure a cart pulled by horse in the morning, and Lectos wanted to check with his wizard instructor to find a better solution.


When Luc and Lectos arrived back with the group Lectos had a strange ornate staff and circlet. He explained that it would help them transport the dragon undetected through town and that his instructor had agreed to take the dragon off their hands, hoping a black dragon might be able to be raised to be good natured. They attempted the staff on the dragon, polymorphing it into a baby turtle.


As cute as this was, it only lasted about an hour. When the dragon reverted back, it did so while being carried by Gwendolyn on horseback, knocking her off the horse. The dragon then took a bite out of the horse before going airborne in an attempt to flee. Lectos managed to polymorph it again, back into the turtle, preventing the escape. The party then rigged up a tie-down onto the cart to hold the baby dragon when it turned back to it’s original form. Having to cover the dragon with tents as they passed by other traders on the road.


When arriving in town the party gave the dragon to Lectos’ instructor, a wizened gnome with high-magic they found in the library. She dropped the baby turtle into a book, using strange magics that boggled Gwendolyn’s mind before thanking the party and melding into the book herself. Luc invited the group that evening to attend a feast with Lady Morwen, duchess of Daggerford to congratulate them on the successful mission and formally recognize them as members of the Scabbard.


That night the group was celebrated as heroes. A feast was had and the group enjoyed themselves with the elite of city. Gwendolyn retold the group’s exploits with her exotic barbarian storytelling, symbols and all, to the delight of all in attendance. At the end of the night a messenger came to Lady Morwen, before she dismissed all in attendance except for the party and Luc. She then explained a situation that needed attending to, with gypsy-like individuals just outside of town accosting those coming into town from the south. Apparently they had been taking wine and money from those coming into the city, beguiling them with tricks or magic. When guards were sent to see them on their way, they too seemed charmed by the ways of these strangers.


The group was asked to see these intruders away from the city before daybreak, or Lady Morwen would need to resort to force, which she was loathe to do so close to the city. Agreeing the group set off into town, finding the beguiled guardsman and realizing their fears of the men being charmed to be true. After a small fight, the group decided to set some contingencies with Lectos’ wizard colleague in town and set off to confront the group outside of town.


They found the intruders, a dozen in all, amidst jovial libations as they partied and sang into the night. Deciding to come at the intruders as friends, they presented wine and stories while they befriended them. They exchanged stories, Gwendolyn once more telling her story of the group’s battle with a dragon, wizards and book-dimensions. The intruders ate up all of it, joining in with their unique flair. At the end of the storytelling their leader, a man named Stanomir told his own story after agreeing to leave the city due to the growing unrest with lady Morwen.


The story Stanomir told was one of a great prince, conquering his enemies in a land far away. Of a valiant hero and friend of the man’s people, whom they helped when he was at his most dire need. He then explained that this prince, now king, was a man cursed and that he and his people would see their friend’s curse lifted. However they were sworn not to interfere or harm him, and needed some outside hero to help their friend and king. A group such as theirs, whom captured dragons, might just do the trick.


After some discussion the group agreed to travel with the band of outsiders, through the “lost roads” to the kingdom they spoke of. A few weeks of travel was all it would take. The group went back to town to prepare, Hanif growing immensely concerned as he had not heard of such lands, people or events such as those that were told to them by Stanomir and his group. Surely no kingdom existed within a few weeks travel by horseback that Hanif knew of. Just before dawn the party rejoined the now packed up outlanders and they left on a multi-week journey to save their king.


Below are the EXP rewards for the session.


300 EXP: Keeping the Black Dragon under control

500 EXP: Roleplay bonus!

150 EXP: Bar fight.

200 EXP: Successfully removing the gypsies from Daggerford

Group Session Total: 1,150 EXP

Individual Session Total: 288 EXP


Lectos Total: 738 EXP (Level 2)

Gwendolyn Total: 738 EXP (Level 2)

Hanif Total: 738 EXP (Level 2)

Treller Total: 738 EXP (Level 2)


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